Vetting and Barring Scheme Halted

Ridouts Law

On the 15th June Home Secretary Theresa May announced that the Vetting and Barring Scheme has been put on hold so that the Coalition government can “review the criminal records and vetting and barring regime and scale it back to common sense levels”.

The first phase of registration was due to begin on 26 July; however, this has been halted. Whilst the review is undertaken certain parts of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 which came into action in October 2009 will still apply.

These obligations include:

  • A person who is barred from working with children or vulnerable adults will be breaking the law if they work or volunteer, or try to work or volunteer with those groups.
  • An organisation which knowingly employs someone who is barred to work with those groups will also be breaking the law.
  • If your organisation works with children or vulnerable adults and you dismiss a member of staff or a volunteer because they have harmed a child or vulnerable adult, or you would have done so if they had not left, you must tell the Independent Safeguarding Authority.

The Independent Safeguarding Authority will continue to make decisions about barring unsuitable people from work with vulnerable groups and they will still maintain the new barred lists (one for those who work with vulnerable adults and one for those who work with children).

Ms May said that the scheme was “draconian” and that it would unduly infringe on civil liberties.

The Home Office will now seek to remodel and streamline the scheme.


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